Ese14 2


  • Assignment (phase 1) posted on 15 May.
  • Student presentations (phase 1) due on 20 May.
  • Assignment (phase 2) posted on TBA.
  • Student presentations (phase 2) due on TBA.


Students are supposed to design and execute a controlled experiment. The goal is to find evidence for a positive effect of using a modeling approach in understanding software technologies. Thus, the experiment needs to measure, in one way or another, the cognitive value of technology models. The domain knowledge about technology models is provided in the lecture. The experiment may or may not be executed eventually, depending on the results of the experiment design. The students of the PTT course may serve as subjects.


Phase 1

Admitted team sizes: 1-2 students


  • What are conceivable hypotheses?
  • What theory would support your hypotheses?
  • What experiment design could you use?
  • How would the control group operate?
  • What tasks would you suggest for the subjects?
  • What (surrogate) measures could you leverage?

Phase 2