Basic reading assignment (MSR course)


  • Assignment posted on 21 April 2015.
  • Student to paper mapping on 23 April 2015.
  • Student presentations due on 30 April 2015.


Students are supposed to study MSR papers at an early stage of the course to understand representative MSR problems and the underlying research approach.



Study and prepare and make a presentation for one MSR 2014 paper.

The papers are listed on DBLP.

Do not select any paper that was covered by the intro lecture of this course; see titles on slides.

Each student must select a different paper.

Thus, the "student to paper mapping" will be agreed on during the meeting on 23 April.

If there are question regarding the mapping after 23 April, please contact Hakan Aksu <ed.znelbok-inu|uskanakah#ed.znelbok-inu|uskanakah>.

If there are any other conceptual questions, please contact Ralf Lämmel <ed.znelbok-inu|lemmeal#ed.znelbok-inu|lemmeal>.

Prepare a 7-10min talk with title page + 1 slide per concern, as listed below.

  1. What is the context in software engineering?
  2. What is the basic motivation for this research?
  3. What sort of artifacts (source code, commit messages, …) are considered?
  4. What research questions or hypotheses are posed?
  5. What data is extracted and how?
  6. What data is synthesized and how?
  7. Are the results analyzed, e.g., in the sense of precision and recall?
  8. What are the overall results?
  9. Is the research reproducible? (Is the methodology clear? Are data sources available? …)

Please bear in mind:

  • You don't need to completely explain every aspect of the abovementioned concerns.
  • Focus on aspects that you understand and that you can explain.
  • Don't overwhelm the audience.
  • Try to give a good talk. Here is some advice on giving a good talk; highly recommended. You want to make good use of your fellow students' time. The quality of your presentation affects your grade.
  • All course deliverables are collected here:
  • Share your uniko login name with Hakan Aksu <ed.znelbok-inu|uskanakah#ed.znelbok-inu|uskanakah> by the end of 23 April 2015 to gain svn access.
  • Please submit your presentation (.pdf and source format such as .pptx) to svn ahead of the presentation.
  • Use your login name as a subdirectory name in the svn repo.
  • All students of the course have read/write access to the complete students directory.