MSR course SS 2016: Research projects


Work in teams on different research projects in the MSR context.


  • Group building and topic to group assignment during meeting on Tuesday, 24 May
  • Mandatory student consultations with Hakan Aksu on Tuesday, 31 May
  • Student presentations during course slot on Tuesday, 14 June
  • Submit your code, .pdf and sources of your presentation to svn:


  • Developer interview on experience
    • What are the underlying hypotheses?
    • What answering behaviour do we rely on?
    • What psychological factors are important?
    • What should we ask?
    • How should we contact the interview partners?
    • How we should evaluate the results?
    • What makes a successful developer interview?
    • The team prepares the actual interview very well.
    • The method shall work preferably for our "projects of interest".
  • Identity management
    • What are the differences between committers and authors?
    • How do we identify that different commit identities belong to the same developer?
    • What developer information can we access / use?
    • What methods of identity management can we use?
    • How many developers?
    • How many commiters?
    • What is the distribution of commit counts for committers versus authors?
    • The team actually addresses these questions for our "projects of interest".
  • Commit classification
    • Initially, two classes of commits should be identified:
      • Commits that fix bus
      • Commits that should not count as experience (because of reasons like reorganization)
    • What are the challenges in such a context?
      • For instance, how to deal with issues being reopened?
      • Whether or not to assume experience for developers commenting on an issue?
    • Which methods can we use to identify the classes?
      • bug assignment methods?
      • clone detection methods?
      • natural language processing?
      • other methods?
    • The team actually addresses these questions for our "projects of interest".
  • All topics:
    • Identify and discuss related work.

Projects of interest


  • Developer interview
    • Wojciech Kwasnik
    • Frederik Rüther
    • Nick Theisen
  • Identity management
    • Carsten Hartenfels
    • Marco Brack
    • Michael Monschau
  • Commit classification
    • Jannik Beck
    • Matthias Paul
    • Johannes Klöckner
    • Tobias Schmidt