Plt1213 2

(C) Ralf Lämmel, Andrei Varanovich, University of Koblenz Landau



Implement the Parallel language, which is an extended version of Assign language to support parallel execution. Please consult the the SOS lecture for the details of behaviour and semantic rules.

The following code
x:=1 par (x:=2; x:=x+2) assigns 1,3 or 4 to x

You need to implement the language using 2 approaches: Big and Small step operational semantics. Show the difference in the results of the evaluation using these approaches. Consult (NS vs. SOS slide of the lecture)
Provide test cases with your extended interpreter. For example, using Big-step semantics, the example above should evaluate to 1,4. Small step - 1,3 or 4.
At least 3 test cases should be provided.