Software Languages Practinar Winter Semester 2012/13

Date: 22 October 2012; Time: Communicated by email; Room: B 009: Introduction

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The introduction is part of the student-facing 101workshop.


Software chrestomathies


The "practinar" is a non-patent-pending course format invented by the Software Languages Team as a means of aligning student expectations and traditional course formats such that a good mix of practical and research concepts is achieved; see the general practinar page for information. In particular, this practinar allows students to carry out work of the format pro-seminar (4 ECTS), seminar (4 ECTS), project practical (9 ECTS), research practical (9 ECTS), and research work (6 ECTS). Further, students can use some of the meetings to engage into a project for a Bachelor's thesis (15 ECTS) or a Master's thesis (30 ECTS).



Software chrestomathies


Chrestomathies for programs or systems, e.g., Rossetta Code or are collections of software artifacts which provide value to the software development community, next to other community resources as such as Quora, StackOverflow, GitHub, and Wikipedia. With increasing the community value of such chrestomathies, there comes an increase in complexity. This practinar hosts research and experiments feeding into the next generation of the 101companies chrestomathy. To this end, student projects concern, for example, an improved user interface, provision of extra views and information pages, consolidation of the underlying ontology, better integration of scattered sites and services, easier means of information retrieval, easier means of contribution, and advances of the 101worker infrastructure.

Some research questions

  • How to usefully model related community resources such as GitHub or StackOverflow?
  • How to integrate chrestomathies and related web resources such as StackOverflow?
  • What sort of feedback to gather from users of chrestomathies and how to gather it?
  • What sort of data mining or analyses on chrestomathies provide value to users?
  • What social or community features does a software chrestomathy need?



  • Date: 22 October 2012; Time: Communicated by email; Room: B 009: Introduction
  • 23 October 2012 (by email): Commitment by the student participants
  • End of November: 1st consultation
  • Beginning of January: Interim presentation
  • Mid February: 2nd consultation
  • Beginning of April: Final presentation and written reports


  • Ralf Lämmel (Software Languages Team)
  • Andrei Varanovich (Software Languages Team)


Guide on writing and presenting

Make sure to read this guide.


Introduction to the practinar

Slides forthcoming.