Ptt12 3

(C) 2012 — Software Languages Team, University of Koblenz-Landau


The PTT course

Check-in deadline

11.07.2012 (End Of Day, Koblenz timezone)



** Exercising concurrency for the WEB **

The goal of the project is to evaluate performance for different approaches a parallel data processing.

First, implement a data generator which creates a dataset (e.g. File or Database) of the random size between 100 and 200mb. This dataset is populated with the data conforms to 101companies schema.

Second, implement a total feature ( using one sequential approach (e.g. Based on a simple for loop) and two "parallel" approaches of your choose (namely Task and Data parallelism - like). You are not allowed to use any existing data processing frameworks, but you can use the following implementations for the inspiration:

Third, build a web page where the user can select any of 3 approaches. The option selected is evaluated on the server.

The following should be displayed on the web page as a result:

  • Total salaries (the result of the computation)
  • Size of the dataset
  • Execution time

Use your technical report to explain the approaches you used and the results obtained.