Ptt1819 Assignment1

Contribution Modernization


As a prerequisite: Get yourself acquainted with 101wiki. Discover some Java contributions.

  1. Choose one of the contributions below
  2. Inspect the implementation. Run test examples.
  3. Identify opportunities for modernization. Use Method references, lambda terms and streams where it makes sense. Update all dependencies as far as possible.
  4. Improve the contribution's documentation. The documentation has to conform to the metamodel.
  5. Present your improvements (~10 min presentation with max. 10 slides)
No Contribution Group
1 Hibernate Andre Kastner + Nils Diedrich
2 JPA -
3 JAXB Alexander Stab + Dimitri
4 GSON Philipp Stief + Bartosz
5 javax.json Tim Eisenbürger + Anita Schäfer
(6) EMF -


  1. Create a fork of 101simplejava.
  2. Add your restructuring as a new contribution.
    1. A Readme file is supposed to contain all the information that should be pushed to 101wiki.
    2. Aim for a contribution that uses Java10.
    3. Test cases must be provided and runnable.