Sle1617 Assignment1


Try out and present a metaprogramming technology.

Technology options


  • Dates: see course webpage.
  • All deadlines are firm.
  • Select 1-2 technologies in the shared Google doc by 10 Nov EOD.
  • If you need to, consult with Marcel Heinz (B 011) during lecture/lab slot on 10 Nov.
  • The selection will be approved (possibly amended) by 11 Nov EOD.
  • You can work in teams of size 2. We may grant exceptions to use size 3.
  • Use repo to deliver slides of presentation (.pdf) and source code, if any:

Guideline for presentation


  • 1 slide: title page
    • Author: name of student and affiliation
    • Course: name and URL
    • Title: "<name of technology>: an overview"
  • 1+ slides: illustration of use case
  • 1+ slides: I/O behavior of using technology
  • 1+ slides: underlying concepts and techniques
  • 1+ slides: technical details of use case
  • List of resources (papers) on the technology
  • Actual or scripted demonstration


  • You must clearly indicate sources, if you reuse text, figures, code etc.
  • Make sure you simplify things as much as possible.
  • Make sure to identify properly the underlying concepts and technologies.
  • Read papers on these technologies.
  • When listing resources, make sure to add a one-line as to why it's relevant.
  • Your presentation must be almost ready by the time of consultation.
  • Presentations should be done collaboratively by team members.
  • Each of the three assignments counts 33% towards your grade.