Assignment No. 1 SLP 2011


The SLP course

Lab date / deadline

April 28, 2011

(This is when you would need to be able to present and discuss your solution.)


Tokenizer for 101companies


See here for a concrete syntax for 101companies.

Find a suitable technology/approach for lexing: Lex, Flex, Perl, Python, Handwritten, … (please find more).

ANTLR is tabu because it was covered in the lecture, but please use it for inspiration.

The ANTLR-based lexer is available online:

You do not need to deal with 101companies; please feel free to pick another interesting input format.

Please submit and demonstrate implementations as follows:

  • Produce a token sequence for companies (or some other input).
  • Try to put to work specifics of the lexing technology that you picked.
  • Prepare a short high-level presentation of your approach.