Startup15 Assignment1

First assignment for the startup15 course

Part I: Touch TouchDevelop

This part is not checked, but you need to do this in order to follow the course proper.

In detail:

  • Try out a few simple examples from the lecture; see the slides (.pdf).
  • Glance over chapters 1-3 of the TouchDevelop book.

Part II: Build a team

In detail:

  • Build a team with 3 members.

Part III: Create and share a repo

In detail:

  • Create a DropBox repo for the team.
  • Share your repo with Ralf Lämmel moc.liamg|lemmealr#moc.liamg|lemmealr; use subject line to contain "startup15".
  • The repo includes a file README with names and email addresses of the team members.
  • You earn a brownie point for instead using a private or public GitHub or BitBucket repo.

Part IV: Come up with an app idea

In detail:

  • Pick an existing or imaginary startup company you are familiar with.
  • Come up with an app idea related to the startup.
  • Prepare a very short presentation of the app idea.
  • Add the presentation (PDF) to the repo.