Course "Software development for startup entrepreneurs"


  • Staff
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Dates and locations see below.


In addition to the WHU procedure of enrollment, you must connect with Ralf Lämmel (moc.liamg|lemmealr#moc.liamg|lemmealr) by email on the first day of the course so that you are included into course-related communication. For all communication, please mention "startup16" in your subject line.


  • Precious editions of this course: 2014; 2015
  • Facebook group for the course: FB URL


Course material is not linked in this section, as it will be distributed "privately" to the participants.

Room Day of the week Time Date Topic
D-001 Wednesday 15.30-18.45 9 March 2016 Requirement specification
D-001 Wednesday 15.30-18.45 16 March 2016 Programming 101
D-001 Friday 15.30-18.45 18 March 2016 Technological spaces
D-001 Wednesday 15.30-18.45 23 March 2016 Linguistic architecture
D-001 Friday 15.30-18.45 15 April 2016 Web-app development
D-001 Donnerstag 11.30-15.15 19 April 2016 Workshop


  • Deadlines are dates of meetings, where deliverables are to be presented.
  • Each of the three assignments contributes one third of the final grade.
  • Students are supposed to work in teams of size 1-3.
  • Solutions for your assignments must be shared with the lecturer via a sharing facility (Dropbox, Google drive, Github, Bitbucket, or other facility subject to confirmation). You must share a folder rather than individual files so that there is a single location to look up all your files. By sharing your files with the lecturer, you also agree that the lecturer may share these files with other participants of the course eventually.
  • Qualitative feedback on your solutions will be provided by the lecturer right away during your presentation. Actual grades will not be shared publicly, but they are communicated by the lecturer at appropriate points in time.
Assignment Date published Topic Deadline
#1 Requirement specification 10 March 2016 18 March 2016
#2 Linguistic architecture 24 March 2016 15 April 2016