Diploma defense J. Pehl


This talk is the public defense of the diploma thesis by Joachim Pehl.


Joachim Pehl (University of Koblenz-Landau)


Design Patterns for API Analysis & Migration


Software Languages Team


B 013

Campus Koblenz


12 April 2012


4.00 pm (st)


Software projects typically rely on several, external libraries. The interface provided by such a library is called API (application programming interface). APIs often evolve over time, thereby implying the need to adapt applications that use them. There are also reasons which may call for the replacement of one library by another one, what also results in a need to adapt the applications where the library is replaced. The process of adapting applications to use a different API is called API migration. Doing API migration manually is a cumbersome task. Automated API migration is an active research field.
A related field of research is API analysis which can also provide data for developing API migration tools. The following thesis investigates techniques and technologies for API analysis and API migration frameworks. To this end, design patterns are leveraged. These patterns are based on experience with API analysis and migration within the Software Languages Team.