Msc Ruslan Kvashchanka

MSc defense Ruslan Kvashchanka


  • Date: 18 July 2016 (Monday)
  • Time: 18.15
  • Room: B 233
  • Presenter: Ruslan Kvashchanka
  • Supervisor: Ralf Lämmel
  • 2nd reviewer: Marcel Heinz


Consistency Management in Web Application Development


Web-applications evolution often coerced with tasks that are targeted to maintain
the application component relationships. Lack of this maintenance negatively affects
loosely connected elements of the system. For instance, evolution of one
component (e.g., the model in the MVC sense) may lead to inconsistency in another
component (e.g., the view in the MVC sense). This research is intended to
study such loose coupled component inconsistencies by examining development
processes of existing application that use Python-based Django web development
framework. The goal is to understand, study and describe ways that help to detect
such inconsistencies and prevent them from leaking to the production system.
The research is comprised of two parts: getting the experience of industrial
developers by conducting a number of interviews and prototyping and implementing
a tool that would help to pinpoint the relationships between application
components prone to the inconsistencies. The latter in turn includes application
of the tool on an open-source project from