Softlang @ Koblenz Workshop 25 Sep 2014


25 Sep 2014

11.00am (st) - 2.45pm (with a lunch break)

Room B 013


Time Classifier Speaker Topic
11.00-11.30 Final presentation BSc thesis Pascal Schuler The use of annotations and XML for framework configuration
11.30-12.00 Final presentation BSc thesis Dmitri Nikonov Aspect-oriented programming for 101companies
12.00-12:30 Final presentation BSc thesis Carl Corea Consulting basierend auf 101companies
12.30-13:15 Lunch break
13.15-13.25 Interim report BSc thesis Björn Zeutzheim Integration of package platforms
13.25-13.35 Interim project report Michael Kwidzinski Performance analysis of 101wiki
13.35-14.00 Final seminar presentation Max Meffert Traceability in MDE and Megamodels
14.00-14.15 Interim project report Marcel Heinz et al. Literate Deployment Scripting
14.15-14.30 Interim report MSc thesis Philipp Schuster Dependency Analysis of Hackage Packages
14.30-14.45 Interim report MSc thesis Thomas Schmorleiz Method and tool support for similarity management