This talk is the public defense of the master's thesis by Martin Leinberger.


Martin Leinberger (University of Koblenz-Landau)


Enhancement of a software chrestomathy for open linked data


Software Languages Team


E 113

Campus Koblenz


26 September 2013


3.00 pm (st)


A software chrestomathy collects small software systems as an aid in learning a subject. As many languages, technologies and concepts might be involved, it will contain a heterogeneous mix of code artifacts, documentation and relationships.This is problematic, as knowledge resources should convey their data in a structured manner.The data should be conveniently explorable, easily discoverable and accessible for humans as well as machines.
The presentation shows an approach where the problems created by the heterogeneousness of the data are tackled by applying Linked Data principles.The 101companies chrestomathy is enriched with these principles, meaning that every important entity is seen as a resource and dereferencable through HTTP, which results in meaningful data about this entity. Additionally, the entities are linked with each other, so that all available data is reachable.
It is shown that by embracing the Linked Data principles, the problems created by the diverse datasets can be alleviated. Furthermore, examples are given on how the approach can even enable further research options, such as clone detection, that were previously difficult if not unfeasible.