Weekly meeting of the SoftLang Team

Regular slot

Mondays, 18:18-19:00, B 009.

The meeting does not take place every week.

In fact, the meeting takes places only very sporadically while R. Lämmel is on leave.

It is communicated by email whether or not there is a meeting in a given week.

The meeting is more likely to take place during the lecture period than outside the lecture period.


ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos#ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos (Ralf Lämmel)

If you want to be added to or removed from the meeting's mailing list, please send an email.

Default layout of meeting

The meeting is essentially a scrum (42mins) so that students can report on ongoing activities and we can discuss status and plans. Occasionally, we have more substantial presentations and discussions around the time of the meeting. In particular, we also use the slot for scheduling BSc/MSc defenses.

There is a tendency to have a pizza or alike afterwards with a small group of softlang-ers at Stubi.


  • If you are doing a student project within SoftLang, please attend somewhat regularly.
  • If you like to discuss a potential, future student project within SoftLang, please say hello.


Student project is a synonym here for BSc thesis, MSc thesis, practical, seminar, etc.

If you think about doing any of this kind with the SoftLang team, then contact softlang to be invited to the next meetings. This would give you some sense of what we are really doing and how we work. (Not that these meetings are meant to be extremely structured.) You can also make an appointment with Ralf Lämmel to discuss things in a classical manner.

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