Software Languages Meeting 05 Nov 2012


  • Date: 05 Nov 2012
  • Time: 2.00pm (st) - 5.00pm
  • Room: B009 (Software Languages Lab)


The results of some recent student projects will be presented and discussed. All students interested in projects with the software languages team (possibly joining the practinar that is being started) are encouraged to attend and have a look.


  • 2.00pm: Alex Lyzun: "A new contribution process for 101companies" (Research practical)
  • 2.30pm: Thomas Schnitzler: "Dynamic models of JomSocial features" (Seminar)
  • 3.00pm: Martin Leinberger: "The MDE/MT theme for 101companies" (Research practical)
  • 3.30pm: Tobias Keweloh & Jan RĂ¼ther: "A conceptual model of HTML5" (Pro-seminar)
  • 4.00pm: Markus Schulte: "Aspect-oriented programming with PHP" (Diploma thesis)
  • 4.30pm: Scrum/discussion (focused on 101companies and ongoing practinar)


Abstract diploma thesis / presentation by Markus Schulte

The diploma thesis addresses aspect-oriented programming (AOP) in the PHP language. Background on AOP is provided. Specifically, relevant AOP concepts, as they are available in other programming languages, are summarized. The addition of AOP to PHP is motivated. Previous work on AOP in PHP is analyzed. Ultimately, the design and the implementation of the AOP-PHP framework YAPAF is described. Some illustrative examples are presented. YAPAF is available through an open-source repository. In the presentation, YAPAF is further illustrated with a contribution to the 101companies project.