MegaLib - A library of megamodels


MegaLib is a library of megamodels of software technologies. The library covers, for example, technologies for object/relational mapping, web development, language processing, model-driven engineering, and office automation. The megamodels in the library conform to the language MegaL/Text. The project includes a parser, a well-formedness checker, and yet other tools for MegaL/Text.


  • The MegaLib repository: (GitHub)
  • Megamodeling efforts at SoftLang: (HTML)
  • Student Seminar on megamodeling (HTML)
  • SLE Assignment on MegaL (HTML)

MegaLib contributors

  • Ralf Lämmel (Project leader)
  • Marcel Heinz (Lead developer and author)
  • Johannes Härtel (Contributor)
  • Tobias Michael Schmidt
  • Matthias Paul
  • Benjamin Becker
  • Michael Kwidzinski
  • Nicolas Klee
  • Frederik Rüther
  • Michael Monschau
  • Johannes Klöckner
  • Richard Schütz