Per end of March 2018, R. Lämmel will start a leave of absence and limit supervision accordingly.

This page collects some information for students interested in doing their thesis with out team.

General advice

  • Talk to the team to find out about topics.
  • Have a look at recent defenses to find representative examples of theses.
  • Consider showing up at our student scrum; sign up for mails.
  • We follow a simple procedure for starting a BSc or MSc thesis.
  • In particular, you need to author an expose to get started.
  • We offer some advice on the structure of a thesis.
  • We consider thesis projects with industry under certain conditions.
  • Please use the Softlang Style for your thesis.

Illustrative topics

The descriptions linked below are merely meant to sketch the topics.

Some of the descriptions may require a uniko login.

Many of the topics have been addressed by recent theses or addressed currently.