An idiomatic approach to the characterization of BigData and noSQL technologies


This proposal is ideally suited for a Master's thesis.

The thesis will be supervised by Prof. Dr. Ralf Lämmel and Andrei Varanovich, University of Koblenz-Landau.

The candidate will be a member of the Software Languages Team.

Research context

With the growth of such areas as Web and cloud computing, large-scale and data-intensive applications attract more and more attention from both research and industrial communities. Traditionally, SQL-based databases are used to manage large-volume data. However, over the last few years, technologies commonly known under an umbrella-term "NoSQL" have been emerged. New approaches they introduce to both data management and data processing are claimed to be "the future of architecture".

The aim of this research effort is to identify "important" attributes of NoSQL technologies, thus enabling an advanced classification and comparison. We also expect to develop a scientifically sound methodology to address these challenges.

Scientific contribution

  • A taxonomy of NoSQL technologies will be created. The taxonomy will define a scope of different classes(types) of NoSQL.
  • Based on the taxonomy, the data model will be created. With the use of this data model we will be able to illustrate all idiomatic approaches of NoSQL usage both in terms of data modeling and data processing.
  • A scientific methodology of approaching an emerging technical domain will be developed. That's it, we don't expect established set of patterns, practices and related scientific results to be available at the time when this research is carried out.

Practical contribution

This research will be carried in the context of the 101companies project.
Specifically, it is expected that a new theme will emerge / current NotJustSQL will be proper motivated and extended by a set of illustrative contributions.


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