A Web API for Linked Software Data


On the grounds of the rich software data available in the 101companies project, a Web API should support access to this data in a Linked Data manner. This includes these sorts of data:

  • Physical data
    • 101repo folders and files and fragments thereof
    • Resources and dumps derived by 101worker
    • 101worker module I/O behavior and dependencies (based on a dump TBD)
    • 101wiki pages and links on pages
  • Primary exploration is based on "conceptual" data
    • Entities (i.e., Language:Java versus wiki page for Language:Java)
    • Namespaces (prefixes) and thus entities per namespace
    • … much of the list above has also physical counterpart …

Bidirectional links are required between these entities:

  • Conceptual entities (e.g., languages)
  • Primary resources (101repo)
  • Derived resources (derived by 101worker)
  • Dumps (derived by 101worker)
  • 101worker modules possibly in terms of their descriptions
  • 101wiki entities and their pages

Some examples of links are these:

  • Navigate between primary and derived resources.
  • Navigate between primary resources and its fragments.
  • Navigate between languages and contributions that use the language.
    • Option 1: as declared on 101wiki
    • Option 2: as evidenced by files in 101repo
  • Instead of "languages" above, we also care about technologies, concepts, contributors.
  • Navigate between modules and primary/derived resources/dumps.
  • Navigate between 101repo (GitHub), 101wiki (real wiki), and 101worker's data view.


  • The Web API is to be developed in Rails (because 101wiki is already based on Rails).
  • Client-side REST-based testing can / should be done in Python (or Ruby).
  • The development must supersede the current 101explorer.
  • HTML and JSON access is required.

Further reading

  • Related presentation by Ralf Lämmel (.pdf)
  • Related conference paper by Softlang Team (.html)
  • Related MSc thesis by Martin Leiberger (.pdf)
  • For the overall "101" vision; see all the papers (.html)